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Common Myths About Aging


Within the national media circuit, there are a large percentage of myths about aging and getting older that have spread to every corner of the internet. With advances in medical technology and increasing awareness about the importance of diet and exercise, we all have more information at your disposal than ever before. This also means that some of the long-accepted “facts of life” are shown to be untrue, time and time again.

Now That I’m X Years Old… Its All Downhill From Here

As we get older, our friends and family age too. Especially after our parents begin to enter advanced age—or eventually pass—we may find it difficult to cope with the passage of time. Sometimes, even friends in our age group become unable to do the things we used to enjoy together. But just because you have to slow down, doesn’t mean your life has to stop! It isn’t logically sound to believe that just because you turned 60, 70, or 80 years old it will all become worse from here on out. Instead of worrying about your age, you should focus on how you feel and your quality of life. Additionally, just because you aren’t in the best health of your life, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The internet is full of stories of senior citizens, becoming fitness and health junkies during the later years of their lives.

As I Get Older, I Will Start to “Feel” Old

The more I hear about this rumor, the more I think about my own grandparents. Although they are breaking into their 80s, they have remained active throughout their entire lives. This is because exercise and healthy eating are much more important to your health and energy levels than age is. Sure there are health problems that are exacerbated by age, but the important thing is to listen to your body and adapt to your needs as necessary. For example, if you are beginning to have more trouble with arthritis, low-impact exercises such as swimming or light walks will become more beneficial to you. Always remember to push yourself within your limits.

AARP is for Old People

AARP has a collection of awesome benefits that extend far past discounts and benefits. In America specifically, they perform an essential role as consumer advocates for retired people of all ages. As we have blossomed into the information age, their newsletters have become increasingly hip and helpful. They are often filled with state-of-the-art exercise routines, as well as give you expert opinions on the latest health-food crazes taking the world by storm.

I Will Always See Aging the Same As I Do Now

As little as four decades ago, my parents would have easily been recognized as seniors, and they’re only fifty themselves! But the numbers that make someone reasonably seen as a senior is increasing little-by-little each year. You know how the saying goes, “40 is the new 50!” That really seems to be the case in our always evolving world.

Sex Will Become Less Exciting With Age

This is absolutely not true. As long as your heart is healthy enough for sex, you can still continue a meaningful and engaging love-life with your spouse or lover. As you age, certain hormones can actually increase, making sex a more enjoyable experience for partners of both sexes! As men get older and their testosterone decreases, it can be natural for them to need a little assistance getting a woody—and I’m not talking about the car. But this decrease in testosterone can also result in increased sensitivity in and around the genitals.

Disease and Dependency are a Fact of Advanced Age

Another story perpetuated by the media is that as we get older, disease will come by and cripple us from continuing to do the thing we love. Even worse, the possibility that the disease will ravage us to the point that we won’t be able to remain independent in our living situation. Both of these scenarios are far from the truth for most healthy individuals. It is important to keep in mind that there are varying degrees of dependency. If you are considering or have been recommended to a senior living facility, you should heavily consider how the location of your new home will affect you. What kind of shops or restaurants are around the place? Are there public parks or pools within walking distance? It is essential to assess your wants and needs earnestly, so that you find the assisted living home that is right for you.

Seniors Only Work When They Are Out of Other Options

There are many reasons for people to work, income being only one of them. Some people just can’t stand the thought of relaxing around all day, while others dream of the day that their pension will coast them comfortably through their retired years. If you find yourself becoming restless, there is no reason to feel helpless. There are many companies that are willing to adapt to the needs of the older members in our society, and would be happy to have you on board. It is also a great time for you to get involved and learn something new, as research shows that learning new processes increases brain elasticity(a key factor in preventing dementia).

Seniors Live in Nursing Homes

Wrong again, internet! Nursing homes are actually becoming an outdated option, as more and more Americans are choosing alternative living situations. These retirement communities often provide more independence over the nursing home option, all with the same amount of care and attention you require. Some studies estimate that 75% of seniors or more stay in their own homes and remain independent well into advanced age. If they can do it, you can too!


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