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The Individual Benefits of Growing Older

There are a lot of reasons why getting older has its benefits. We discuss them in several articles. But this time, instead of talking about all of the wonderful things that come with old age, like grandchildren, more time with our family, etc…I wanted to focus solely on some of the individual benefits of growing older, and some truly amazing things that come with getting older. I didn’t want to limit this to activities that can only be done alone, but the majority of this list are. If you are someone with a family (wife, husband, kids, grandkids) as you get older, so do they. And what was once 20-30 years of your life raising kids, chances are, you were pretty busy.

Below are some of the things that we found to be the top Individual Benefits of Growing Older

Opportunity to Pursue Your Dreams

When you reach an age where you no longer have to worry about providing for your family, raising or picking up your kids from school, or your obligation to work – you have A LOT of free time on your hands. And with time comes opportunity. Opportunity to pursue hobbies, interests or passions that you didn’t have time for.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so you probably have an idea on where you could get started. Maybe you wanted to learn a new language, travel to new places, go on a safari in Africa, learn to fly a plane, swim with dolphins, write a book, build a website, master chess, go to every NFL stadium, travel the world, start a business…the list can go on forever.

The point is, you can do whatever you want. And time is one of the greatest individual benefits of growing older. As George Elliot wrote, “It’s never too late to be what you might have become.”

It’s never too late to be what you might have become

Reaching New Heights and Levels

There are things that we have gotten good at (or maybe we were naturally born with it sometimes) that we truly enjoy. But for one reason or the other, we weren’t able to give it the time it deserved. Were you good at chess? Golf? Painting? Design? Writing? Now is your time to find that passion that lies within, and tap into it.

If you dedicate time and effort at anything you’ll get good at it. You just have to find the thing inside that’s calling you. There are so many amazing things in this world – we just have to find what’s right for us.

Think back to being a child – what was your favorite thing to do? Over the years, if you had 3 main hobbies, what were they? What are you really good at?

Where could you take this passion and talent? What does it lead to? Only you can find out.

time is priceless
time is priceless
Opportunity to Give Back

With an excessive amount of free time on our hands, why not give back and help people, animals, or causes that we believe in? Giving back is one of the greatest things we can do as people, and it makes us feel good. Even though we are “giving back” this is actually one of the best individual benefits of growing older, because we receive what we give. Anytime I’ve ever done a good deed, I felt like I got just as much, if not more, than what I put out. And think about all those people, animals, causes that are out there, that would just love our presence, kindness, knowledge. experience and support.

give back
give back


individual benefits of growing older

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