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Social Issues That Affect the Life and Health of Seniors

It is a common phenomenon that at old age, people lose the ability to do the daily activities in terms of chores. They also are prone to disabilities and disorders when compared to the younger generations. Changes experienced by old age are more than just health. Changes in social factors also have a way of impacting the well-being of the aging. Psychosocial conditions/social issues that cause illnesses in old age include the following:

Which are the social issues that affect the life and health of seniors?

Loss of a Companion

Death of a loved one is no easy burden to carry especially at old age. When an individual has lived with their companion for most of their lives, they connect on a deeper level. They are the closest ones they have to undergo the process of aging with. A huge void occurs in case of loss of a partner. The loss often causes the affected senior to withdraw from society and become lonely. In some cases, the remaining partner also passes on due to the immense stress and depression. The society should embrace them to avoid the sense of segregation in them.

Condition of Accommodation

The common narrative in society is that when you begin aging is that you become a burden to your people. The notion stimulates old people to react negatively once they are institutionalized in a care facility. Contrary to that, seniors need special attention which may not be found in a normal household. Hence, the need to be checked into a senior care facility so that they can receive the best kind of care possible. Their care ranges from medical, dietary and mental among others. After checking-in into a facility, the family may not visit them. This can lead to a higher risk of mental illness.

Daily Activities Practice

This is also referred to as daily chores. As we get older we begin to lose the ability to some of these chores as our bodies begin to erode. Bodily changes dictate that individuals take it easy on the activities they used to do while young. This is because the skeletal structure, muscles, and sensory systems begin to become weak. We cannot carry the weight we used to or we cannot stand for long durations as we used to. The predicament is sometimes stressful for the elderly because of the frustration that they can no longer do what they could. For example, a simple task like eating becomes untenable when an elderly is suffering from Parkinson’s disease due to the shaking of their hands.

Financial Position

Before retiring, people are accustomed to a regular form of income but when they retire the income is cut off. So, unless they have been saving up for retirement, they do not have access to any form of income. Remember that at old age, people can be affected by a number of health complications and conditions and as such, will need finances for medical attention. Without it, the elderly become depressed, ill and think they’re better off dead. Money problems are one of the biggest social issues facing senior citizens.

Management of psychosocial problems/social issues for the elderly is achievable through ways that are not detrimental to the health of a senior.




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