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The Facts About Graceful Ageing

Aging is a scary topic as it is considered the intermittent stage of life just before death. Even though it may be true, everyone has to die at some point and getting to old age is actually an achievement because one gets to live out the full cycle of their lives. Sometimes some old people joke about it by saying they have been in the world for so long and they are just tired and bored and would like to move on with life. Here are some facts to consider when you wish to gracefully enjoy the process of aging especially in regards to health. Graceful ageing is possible!

Common Factors About Health in the Elderly

As you get older, physiological changes begin to happen to your body and are considered a natural part of aging. The changes occur in almost every organ in the body and may cause seniors to have problems in their health and lifestyle such as the development of more prominent diseases and conditions. Psychosocial issues also play a role in the physical health of the elderly and the best way to manage health and psychosocial stability is through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Changes in the Body as Graceful Ageing Leaves its Marks on You

Your skin becomes thinner, less flexible and more fragile. Any bruising on the skin is more noticeable and takes a longer time to heal. The bones, joints, and muscles lose density and become smaller. The bones become more brittle and are prone to fracture easily while the muscles become weaker. With the change in bone and muscle structure, coupled with changes in the nervous system, an aging body is likely to experience mobility and balance problems. Your body shape is also likely to change as your muscles lose mass. The back vertebrae may also change altering walking and seating postures. Your teeth and gums become weak while your hair grows thin and grey.

Diseases and Condition Faced by the Elderly

The diseases and complications vary from one person to another. Most common include musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, fractures, and gout. Hormonal conditions comprise diseases like diabetes, menopause, high blood pressure, cholesterol and slower overall body metabolism. Other complications can arise from cardiovascular diseases which include Congestive heart failure, heart attacks, and high blood pressure.

Psychosocial Issues Affecting Old Age

It is evident that some social issues have an impact on the mental health of the elderly. Such issues include the loss of a significant other making them prone to loneliness. Inability to perform normal tasks that they could do when young like eating on their own can build up substantial stress and frustrations. Boredom and lack of routine in their lives, as well as financial stresses from lack of a regular income, are other factors that may impact an elderly’s health.

Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Old Age

The basic remedy is for the elderly to strictly follow a balanced diet and participate in regular exercises. This will help them keep at bay both health and psychological conditions and diseases.

Old age is not a sentence but a right of birth for everyone. Graceful ageing is possible, and lies within your reach. Take it!


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