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Top 5 Places To Retire

Retirement should be the summit of relaxation. Remember this is something you have been working for almost your entire lifetime and you should therefore make the most of it. When retirement approaches, it means that it’s time to let go of the stress that has been weighing you down all these years and move on to something new. You definitely want to enjoy your retirement but don’t know where. How do you decide the best place to retire? Do you want to settle in your local town? Travel abroad? Here are some of the top 5 places to retire;

Costa Rica

Yes! Costa Rica. Many retirees have recommended other fellow retirees to choose this as their place of retirement. What attracts people? Low cost of living, beautiful scenery, top-of-the-line medical care. Did I forget to mention the most important aspect? Its bargain real estate. Costa Rica has a rock-steady economy and the crime rates are depressed. Want cheaper but classy apartments?. Visit Costa Rica and get a two-bedroom apartment for $500 a month. You can also purchase a retirement home for under $200,000. These kind of houses offer you the perfect ocean views. Who wouldn’t want to retire in Costa Rica?


Mexico? You’re probably wondering. Yes. Mexico is one of the best places to retire. Not only is it known for its amazing temperate weather, it’s beautiful sandy beaches and it’s near-first world lifestyle are amazing. Mexico provides magnificent places to live, romantic Spanish cities, fast internet and cheap airlines. The approximate amount you can spend in a month, as a couple living in Mexico is $1,500 to $3,000. Affordable right. Retiring in Mexico will never go wrong if you plan it well.


Fan of Jazz, golf, beer and tennis? Panama is therefore the place for you. If you earn $1,000 every month, you will get the honor of being in the Pensionado program. The locals are very welcoming and friendly and the medical care is of high quality, cheaper and quite personalized. You will also get to pay lower taxes.


This peaceful country has numerous things to offer starting from its coastal towns, hot-spots lavished with greenery and pacifistic mountain villages. Seniors get a 50% discount on public utilities and get a break in property taxes. Most retirees live Cuenca because it has a lot of rental options which go for $200 a month. You can spend approximately $1,200 a month in a family of four,exclusive of rent and a family of four.


This English-speaking First World country has more than 870 islands which offer low cost of living. You can rent a four-bed, two-bath apartment in Penang for $700.Besides, you’ll get the view of the Straits of Malacca as a bonus. The country’s cuisine is magnificent. Nasi Lemak is the national dish which includes roasted peanuts, chicken and soft-finned fish served with rice cooked in coconut milk. Other cuisines include combined Indian, Chinese and Malay.

These are arguably some of the  best places to retire.

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