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How to claim for disability

Many people are not aware of what a disability claim is. It is a request for income hep that is filled with the social security administration. This claim is filed when individuals believe that a physical or mental disability leads to their inability to find a job or lead a normal life. Depending on the individual’s financial and medical history, one can either file for the complemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance.

The process

The disability claims process has five stages, namely: initial, reconsideration, hearing, appeal council hearing, and Federal District Court appeal. The initial claim is where you file either the SSI or SSDI application. During this stage, the application can either be approved or denied by a Social Security Claims resp within 3-5 months. Since most requests are denied, you are given sixty days where you can file for reconsideration.

The same representative can either approve or reject the revision. In the event it is denied, you can again request a hearing.  You or a representative can argue the case before an Administrative Law Judge. If you are not happy with the decision of the judge, you can file for an appeal with the social security appeals council. This can either approve or deny the application and send it back to the Administrative law judge for further review. You can go ahead and file for another appeal with the Federal District Courts of Appeals if unhappy with the decision of the council.

Documents needed for a disability claim

If you are not able to get a job or work as a result of a medical condition that you have, you could be eligible for disability benefits from the SSA. The claims application process can be a complex and challenging process with very specific documents needed. They are to back up your claim and assist you in proving the severity of your condition.

To increase the chances of your request being approved, you must give hard medical evidence.  Besides, you must produce other relevant documentation to verify the severity of your condition. These will also prove any restrictions and limitations. Documentation is crucial to a successful claim. Before applying for your disability benefits, you should arm yourself with essential documents. These must be reviewed to increase the chances of a successful claim. Below are the materials that you must have ready:

  • Your work history
  • Current earnings
  • Household assets and income
  • Bank information
  • List of other benefits that you receive
  • Citizenship status
  • Medical records
  • Main reasons for a claim to be denied

While there are numerous reasons for your request to be rejected, there are certain reasons that are more common.

In most cases, it is because the claim and its evidence fail to show the severity of your disability case. This implies other medical records to be presented. You will be required to show physician notes and tests that prove the severity of the medical issues you have.

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