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Getting Older: Awesome Benefits of Getting Older

As economies and countries continue to realize that the young are the ones to be considered for driving economies especially in the employment field, the senior population tends to feel that they are being segregated from society. The old think they are being tossed away by society and therefore. This is why getting old and negativity go hand in hand. These include getting ill, loneliness, issolation and lack of retirement finances among other fears. But not to worry, the belief is wrong as there are numerous ways one gets to enjoy getting older.

Benefits of getting old: A Clearer Perspective of Priorities

It is notable that at a young age, it was difficult to tell the difference between wants and needs. But as you get older this change because your priorities become clearer. You are prone to experience new things when you get older and the distractions of life seem to fade away while you tend to focus on matters and goals that are relevant. It is also important to note that worry and stress is common in young people. they worry about things they have no control over.

Benefits of getting old: Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is low at a younger age especially during teenage years. But as we get older, our tolerances to issues continue to increase. The elderly are capable of personally focusing less on the negativity surrounding them. They do this better than the younger age group. According to Laura Carstensen, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University, as one gets older, they develop a more positive well-being and emotional stability. Emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear become less pronounced in life as compared to the drama-filled lives of the young. Getting older is fun!

Benefits of getting old: Higher Self Esteem

The elderly tend to have developed more experience in whatever they do. Additionally, you will be content with what your capabilities are and in turn become happy. According to a Gallup Poll done in 2008, it was confirmed that the elderly just below and above 85 years are more satisfied with their lives as compared to when they were 18-years-old.

Benefits of getting old: Brain Plasticity

It was once believed that as we get older, our brain capacity begins to deteriorate because we lose brain cells. But what was unknown to us is that the brain neurons continue to increase at old age. They assist the brain to reshape itself when we continue to learn new things. A simple explanation is how we develop vocabulary when we get older. The new things the brain learns may determine significant brain changes like memory, hearing and hand movements.

Benefits of getting old: Synchronized Brain Hemispheres

Young people often use only one hemisphere of their brain in handling tasks but older people are more likely to trigger both hemispheres simultaneously (bilateralization). This translates to mature people being able to use the full power of their brains to handle problems and situations.

Despite the downsides or negative attributes of aging, there is a lot of good to look forward to at getting older.


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